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Production technology

We use the grafting procedure known as "hot callusing pipe," devised by Dr. Harry B. Lagerstedt, Oregon, in 1982, to multiply plant species difficult to graft.

It consists of heating to suitable temperature by species, area of ​​graft, previously grafted during the months of March-April. The plants obtained after 25/30 days in the greenhouse, are planted in containers or directly enters the nursery. According to the time of graft and the vigor of the variety, plants have a height of 30-150 cm. in late summer.

Different phases of the graft

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Injertos com mj209












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We offer plants in 5 or 8 liters container to be planted in summer, from August or winter. We also offer traditional bare root nursery plants for planting in winter, of one or two years and from 60 to 150 cm. high.


60 dias despues del trasplante















 Container Plants in September                                                                        Container Plants in Winter















Walnut tree in a container on August                                                                          root system












Nursery in summer


                                                                                                                             Plantes amb arrel nua


See varieties and rootstocks available.

For good planning is of great interest to make orders in advance. If we receive orders before end of January to deliver plants in August or end of the year, we can offer a more attractive prices.