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(Laspeyresia pomonella)

It is a lepidopteran that attacks walnut, among many other fruits. Appears at the end of April. The female flies mainly at night. Lays eggs on the fruits that are penetrated by the larvae and grow inside. Generally makes three generations per year, but in temperate climates may be more

His treatment is determined by a test flight capturing butterflies in a adhesive plates on which a pheromone attractant is placed. The capture of three adults in one week determines treatment. We have to consider the products that have ovicidal and larvicidal powe like insegar (fenoxycarb) and Dimilin (diflubenzuron) and those who are only larvicides. The first must be used in the early stages of development, within three days after capturing 3 adults in control. The other 10 days after capture.

Currently are used two mating disruption methods consisting preventing the butterfly mating with pheromones dispensers. It absolutely reduces the use of insecticides and therefore biological imbalances that favor the emergence of new problems. The dispensers can be placed on the plants by "puffers" requiring only two per hectare.