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Fruitex SA was created 50 years ago for the production of fruit, especially apples and pears in Girona. And, for some years, produced seedlings of fruit trees.

Around 1975 we started thinking on walnut trees to expand our products. The first plantings were built with recommended varieties at that time: Franquette, Hartley, Pedro Lloret, etc., but we didn't know how they would adapt to our climatic conditions and also its production potential. The first plantings were not successful for the slow entry into production of some varieties (up to 10 years), unknown pathological phytosanitary problems, etc.

The main problem was the lack of specialist nurseries, which could provide quality seedlings of new varieties with high optencial and quick entry production.

For years we studied the different systems for multiplication until achieve a graft system with sufficient assurance to be applied commercially successful. 

Currently we can produce high quality plants for an excellent development later. Apart from the traditional system, our container system allows trees free of root diseases , as well as planting, either in winter without cutting any roots, or the end of summer in warm climates, allowing the plant to root at the same year and advance it's growing the following year. Containers forest employeed have lateral grooves that prevent root rolling, which occurs in plastic bags and would cause a bad plant development.

In our nursery we also produce traditional bare root for fructicultors that prefer this system.

We intend, on this page, report regularly on new developments in the cultivation of walnut. Varieties, diseases, trade, etc., to make it a page reference for producers, while we present our product offering.

Please, send us your corrections , information and opinions via email, this will allow us to improve the site.

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